Rolex GMT-Master II “Batman” and “Batgirl”

Rolex GMT-Master II “Batman” and “Batgirl”

Hello and welcome to the first watch review by Gold Crown Watch Company! As sellers of luxury timepieces, and watch enthusiasts ourselves, we frequently come into contact with some of the finest pieces in watchmaking. No matter how many watches we see, we’re still excited every time a new piece comes in.

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We started Gold Crown Watch Reviews to make it easier for watch lovers like you to get to know some of the fascinating history, features, and qualitative aspects of our favorite pieces. We’re looking forward to sharing our experiences and expertise with you. 

With pleasantries out of the way, let’s jump in by reviewing two ultra-special models: The Rolex GMT-Master II “Batman” & “Batgirl”. 

This review is broken down into three sections:


If you’ve heard of Rolex GMT-Master II, you’ve heard of the models nicknamed Batgirl & Batman. These models are mega-hits and feature the wildly popular and sought-after blue and black color combination on the ceramic bezel.

The first debut of the Batman (reference 116710BLNR) in 2013 brought the distinctive two-tone bezel with deep black and brilliant blue. Prior to that, Rolex had been producing a ceramic GMT-Master II with a black-only ceramic bezel.

When first announced, the Batman was exclusively produced with the oyster bracelet. But in 2019, Rolex introduced the newer “Batgirl” (reference 126710BLNR), which had been fitted on a jubilee bracelet. The jubilee bracelet dresses up the GMT-Master II a bit, compared with older-generation oyster bracelets, which earned it the nickname “Batgirl”.

It was not until 2021, 8 years after its initial debut, that Rolex announced they would start producing the Batman once again. This means you can get the newer 126710BLNR fitted with the oyster bracelet if you desire.

Special Features

The new reference for the GMT-Master II 126710 is very similar to the predecessor. Both generations of these watches allow you to track three time zones, which is very convenient for people who travel or go back and forth between homes.

But there are some subtle differences that distinguish the two references:

  • Although both cases measure 40mm, the original ceramic Rolex 116710 had thicker lugs and appeared a little more bulky
  • The 116710 featured a 3186 caliber movement, which had a 50-hour power reserve, while the 126710 is fitted with the Rolex 3285 caliber movement that features a 70-hour power reserve
  • On the dial of the 126710, there is the Rolex coronet between the words “Swiss Made”

Our Experience 

The Rolex GMT-Master II is solid and manufactured with extreme precision just like you’d expect from Rolex. The design is beautiful, clean and neat, and it embodies sophistication with its thoughtful, refined touches and slick finish. It feels great in your hand and on your wrist. Plus, checking multiple time zones at a glance is a very practical and convenient feature for many people.

The iconic blue and black bezel of the Batman and Batgirl models is meant to be adored. It’s very stylish and distinctive, even at a distance. We’ve found it catches attention from people across the room! That makes sense because it’s the only GMT-Master that has the black/blue bezel. The versatility of styling allows these watches to be the perfect accent to almost any attire making this watch perfect for your next work meeting or swimming on the beach.

Overall, we feel that you can’t go wrong with either generation of the Rolex GMT Master II Batman or Batgirl. Both make for great utility watches or can be dressed up for your next night out. Regardless of the situation, the durability of these watches will keep you ready for any situation!

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Excellent review. I own this watch and I found this review to be very accurate and informative. I’ll also note that Tanner is one of the most trustworthy watch dealers in the industry. I would trust him with any purchase of any amount. He truly cares about his product and his customers!


Awesome write-up Tanner! I love mine. I’ve worked with this seller multiple times and always had a great experience. I totally vouch for Gold Crown Watch!


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